For years there actually haven't been too many changes on the wheel market. Besides, of course, all kinds of new designs. Certain wheels will only fit on certain vehicles; this is determined exclusively by the connecting dimensions of the vehicle.

We recognized this problem and developed a completely new mounting system: The Unifit-System. The wheel is mounted on the vehicle using a universal hole pattern together with a mounting flange specific to the particular vehicle.

The Unifit-System is suitable for all vehicle types using 4 or 5 hole mounting and a pitch circle from 98 to 120 mm.
The advantages of the system are very obvious:
  • The wheel can be used even after a change in vehicles. Only the mounting flanges need to be exchanged.
  • Even when there are no alloy wheels on the market for certain vehicle types they can still be outfitted with our wheels.
  • Optimum increases of ability to supply as well as merchandizing flexibility and associated increase in sales.
  • The Unifit-System is trademarked. All wheels are checked by the Technical Inspection Agency according to the list of designated vehicle usage.
  • Storage costs are minimized for merchants, because one wheel fits all vehicle types.

A Unifit mounting kit, which has to be ordered separately, must be used for installation of a wheel with the Unifit-System. Please indicate the exact type of your vehicle when ordering.

The kit for a wheel consists of the mounting flange, 4 or 5 wheel bolts or wheel nuts as well as a locating ring (except with BMW 5 hole mounting)

Unifit mounting kit (PG 10)
4-Hole-Fixing with Screws incl. Centerring,
per Rim
30.70 EUR  
5-Hole-Fixing with Screws incl. Centerring (exepted BMW),
per Rim
32.75 EUR  
5-Hole-Fixing with Screws, only PCD 5/120 (BMW),
per Rim
29.25 EUR  
4-Hole-Fixing with Nuts incl. Centerring,
per Rim
38.50 EUR  
5-Hole-Fixing with Nuts incl. Centerring,
per Rim
41.50 EUR  
 The UNIFIT-System

Get to know our KERSCHER Unifit-System. With this system you can mount our Unifit-wheels on all cartypes pitch circle 98/4 ? 120/5.

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 The COMBI-System

With the KERSCHER Combi-System you can choose width and offset of the wheel from a large number.

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