Brakes: Brembo brakes
Gran Turismo 2-part:

  • Highest level of quality, service and innovation

  • Advanced standard in any driving situation - for everyday traffic or high performance conditions

  • Oversized, floating disc (drilled or slotted, diameter max.405mm) with billet aluminium hat

    • Reduces unsprung mass for
    • better handling
    • Reduces heat-related stress
    • Increases brake performance and pedal feel

  • Oversized brake calipers with 4,6 or 8 pistons and different available piston-diameters (available in red, black or silver) for max. brake power without the flex of sliding calipers

  • Noise-absorbing fixing parts

  • Higher brake retardation and better effective heat capacity
Available Brembo Gran Turismo Systems

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